Primary Program


First Cycle

1th, 2th & 3th Grade

Second Cycle

4th, 5th & 6th Grade


Primary school covers ages from 6 years

Students Number

Maximum student number per class is 23.

Specific Services

Department of Psychology and Guidance
- Attention to the needs related to the good academic, socio-emotional and behavioral development of the students.
- Support and follow-up of the Adaptation Process for newly admitted students.
- Experiences that allow students to develop basic social and coexistence skills, hand in hand with the strengthening of self-esteem and autonomy.
- Support and monitoring in the application of curricular adjustments.
- Attention to fathers and mothers of families who require it to guide them in handling specific situations of their sons and daughters.


Is a program that teaches students English or Spanish whose language is not their native language or to improve their level. Very effective teaching methods are used because they ensure that the student achieves the objectives of learning the language through Project Based Learning (PBL), which aims to develop reflection, criteria, questions, and it challenges the student to learn a second language. It encourages cooperative learning that improves attention and enhances the acquisition of communication skills necessary to be able to understand and communicate in English or Spanish.

We offer:
Family atmosphere and close monitoring of students.Integral education in a safe, protected, and organized environment.
• Integral education in a safe, protected, and organized enviroment
• Development of artistic, literature, sports, scientific and cultural skills
• Pedagogical methodologies that are constantly updated and adapted to the interests and needs of students.
• Activities aimed at developing critical thinking and stimulating creativity.
• Use of up-to-date and top-quality textbooks (national and international) as support material
• Application of different teaching strategies
• Use of technological tools
• Promotion of innovation and creative thinking
• Promotion of respect for others and health preservation
• Promotion of respect for the environment, and natural resources
• Ecological and artistic projects
• Planning of activities, both related to the subjects and the lessons carried out during the week, as well as those associated with institutional or national celebrations.
• Formative Assessment: A variety of methods used by teachers to monitor individual student progress and provide constant feedback.

I CYCLE: Through an integrated curriculum, interrelated activities are developed between the different subjects to augment knowledge so that the student can acquire a combined vision of thought and reality.

II CYCLE: Through the Project-Based Learning (PBL) methodology, students maximize their skills developing self-esteem through team and cooperative work, solving real-life situations or problems.

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