Centro de Aprendizaje Educarte was started on February 1, 2008. The dream of its founders, Letizia Guglielmino and María Fernanda Jiménez, the school provides a comprehensive, high quality, and affordable education  for the community. Thanks to parent’s and friends confidence, and the perseverance and dedication of these two entrepreneurs, the institution has embarked on a path to achieve its goals for students from different countries of the world as well as those from Costa Rican.
In 2012, Educarte formed an alliance with Saint Joseph School, a well-established institution with a reputation for educational excellence in the San Jose area, to continue growing and benefit from their more than 40 years of experience.
Our passion for teaching and our efforts to provide better services each year, in addition to the perseverance and dedication of our team, will be the key to continue reaching our goals and achieving success..


To promote the essential development of the well versed students by providing an education where the arts and care for the environment are integrated with other disciplines and academic areas, thus encouraging the development of critical and sensitive individuals who want to improve their environment and adapt to changes in a creative fashon. By providing an education based on academic excellence our students will become future competitive and socially responsible leaders and professionals.


To establish ourselves as an institution recognized for its uncompromising commitment to excellence and a high academic standard by including the arts as a natural and inspiring method of educating. Promote care for the environment through our wide range of educational services and technological programs including art, music, sports and social activities that help form an individual capable of respecting the human race in its very essence.


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Filósofo alemán