Preschool Program




Maternal: 2 years
Pre-Kinder: 3 years
Kinder: 4 years
Preparatory: 5 years

Student Number

Maximum student number per class is 15.

Specific Services

Department of Psychology and Guidance


Attention to the needs related to the good academic, socio-emotional and behavioral development of the students. Support and monitoring of the Adaptation Process for newly admitted students and the process of Transition to First Grade. Socio-emotional program that allows the student to know their emotions and provides them with assertive communication techniques, conflict resolution and prevention of violent behavior. Attention to fathers and mothers of families who require it to guide them in handling specific situations of their sons and daughters.

Daycare Service


1. The daycare service will be exclusive for preschool children.
2. Schedule: from 2pm to 3.00pm
3. Educarte teachers and assistants will be in charge of the students in the daycare
4. Daycare free for students who take regularly the school bus at 3pm and for students who have siblings in primary and secondary
5. Cost for all the others: $5 USD per student per day  
6. The payment must be made by bank deposit or in Educarte’s office

We offer:

– Affection, dedication, security and protection per student.

– Program 95% in English from Nursery to High School. Complementary Subject Lessons during the week: Physical Education, Swimming, Spanish, Art, Music, Computer Science.

– Complementary activities to work in the classroom, according to age, to reinforce topics seen and for the enjoyment of students.

– Ecological and artistic projects.

– Early stimulation program in Maternal and Prekinder.

– Use of technological tools in the classroom.

– Learning spaces that allow children to feel safe and enhance their motor, sensory, social, emotional and playful skills

– Development of skills that allow the child to successfully integrate into a bilingual primary education.

– Development of basic mathematical skills to strengthen logical reasoning and acquisition of mathematical concepts.

– Comprehension and expression of oral language.

– Initial teaching-learning processes

– Acquisition of skills related to the body, movement and language.

– Multi-sensory tactile activities, which help in the development of psychomotricity, prewriting and in the acquisition of the necessary skills for writing and reading.

– Use of games in the classroom as a tool that reinforces learning, recreation and camaraderie.

– Daily routines that promote learning and reinforce recreation and camaraderie.

– Reinforcement of habits and routines so that our students are increasingly autonomous and independent.

– Reinforcement of values ​​such as respect and obedience.

– Development of socio-emotional skills that will help them to identify and manage their emotions, to relate to others and to make decisions.

– Supervision by teachers and assistants during snack, lunch and recess periods.

– Support for students who present some difficulty in the learning process.

– Evaluation of the individual student’s progress, either orally, in writing or through games.

– Close and permanent communication with parents.


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