The Centro de Aprendizaje Educarte will provide daycare service for preschool students according to the following regulations:

1. The daycare service will be exclusive for preschool children.
2. Schedule: from 2pm to 3.00pm
3. Educarte teachers and assistants will be in charge of the students in the daycare
4. Daycare free for students who take regularly the school bus at 3pm and for students who have siblings in primary and secondary
5. Cost for all the others: $5 USD per student per day  
6. The payment must be made by bank deposit or in Educarte’s office


Maternal: 2 years
Pre-Kinder: 3 years
Kinder: 4 years
Preparatory: 5 years


Maximum student number per class is 22.


In preschool we offer the support of a psychologist and early stimulation specialist.


Our education is based on learning experiences and opportunities for our students within the framework of constructivist theory.
Our objectives include developing student confidence and skills, group social
abilities as well as pre-reading, pre-writing and early math skills.
At Educarte fun and useful learning is encouraged for build a solid basis to intellectual, physical social and emotional development.
In our routine we work on values, ecologic programs and research projects.
Every effort is made to help students learn while having fun in both, the English and Spanish languages with the objective of developing bilingual students.


The daily schedule is divided into blocks of 45 minutes. In addition to instruction in basic skills, students receive weekly classes of physical education, music, library, project, art, information technology, and swimming.


Our priority is the quality of attention and care for children from 18 months to 2 years and 3 months.
We also have an excellent early stimulation program for our students.
We focus on an integral education, and a safe environment that favors the learning and development of intellectual, and physic skills.
Each class is led by a teacher and an assistant working as team, promoting values which enable children to interact with each other harmoniously.

Pre Kinder:

Each student at Educarte is treated as an individual person with their own interests. They are encouraged to express their ideas and feelings regarding the learning process.
Our pre-kinder instruction technique uses a learning process that includes games, as opposed to- the classic learning process where teachers talk and students listen.


Kinder program is very important due to children will start formal learning process in next few years. Also they forms the basis for socialization.
Among the pillars fo kinder we can highlight:
– The development of motor training.
– The development of creative ability.
– The expression ability boost in different ways.
– The initiation to literacy, developing the first approaches to reading.
– Development of numeric sense.
– Our kinder develops and promotes educational success in later pupils, ability of children to cope in the world alone. Also they learn values such as empathy, tolerance, solidarity and respect for others.


In ‘preparatoria’ our education is based on experience and activity. These concepts (experience and activity) refers to a conception of learning at these ages based primarily on what is done and experienced, both related to objects.

Scope of identity and personal authonomy.
It refers to the growing knowledge that children are self-acquiring, the self-image that they are forming and the personal skills to that they can use in each moment. In this process other crucial point is how they learn to differenciate themselves and get enough independence from adults.

Four blocks are followed:
– Body and movemente.
– Knowledge and self-image.
– Health and self care.
– Life in society.

Scope of physical and social environment discovery.
It mentions the progressive expansion of th middle child and physical and social reality that must possess. Implies the existence of feelings of belonging, respect and interest.
Three blocks ar followed:
– Approach to nature.
– Approach to culture.
– Objects and activity with them.

Scope of communication and representation.

Its basic meaning is meditation in relations between the individual and the environment.

The contents for this area are collected in 5 blocks:
– Body expression.
– Plastic expression.
– Musical expression.
– Use and knowledge of the language
– Introduction to reading and writing
– Mathematical expression.


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