Virtual Summer Camp

Virtual Summer Camps are the perfect way to sharpen your STEM skills and bond with new friends, all online from the comfort of home. With the highest quality remote instruction, you’ll unlock your brilliance and create an exciting project.

This summer, give your child the structure they need with a learning program.

  1. Select your favorite courses.
  2. We’ll notify you via email with instructions on how to access your Virtual Tech Camp session.
  3. Get excited! Your child will learn, make friends, and have fun from the comfort of home!

Children are the future of our World

Computing Class

Hi my name is Jesus Sarabia. My main focus is to guide and teach the technological trends of 2020 at an early age.
6 to 10 years - SCRATCH Programming 2.0
10 to 16 years - Graphics Design Marketing.

Music Class

Hello! My name is Jose Vega.I want to be able to interpret chords and basal rhythms to play popular music.

International Cooking

Hi my name is Rafael Rodriguez. Every week a country. For ages 8 and up or with families. Techniques, recipes, tips, history ... The recipe will be published on Mondays to prepare on Saturday at 9am.

Art Class

Hi my name is Maria Fernanda. Arts and Craft based on the most important works of famous painters from different artistic movements representing their time.

Sweet Conversation

Hello! My name is Isabella Eberly. I am inviting you to join me in my cooking class ``A delicious Conversation`` were we will be making a lot of very delicious desserts and we also will be improving on our English speaking skills.

Week 1:
-18 galletas oreo
-3 barras de chocolate blanco (marca Hershey o Milka) originales
-4oz de queso crema

Descripcion del Campamento

Duracion: 1 mes

Numero de clases : 2 por semana (por nivel si hay varios niveles)

Duracion de la Clase : 1 hora o 2 horas dependiendo del tema y la metodología del techaer.

Costos: $60 por cada curso o $220 por los 5 cursos por alumno al mes.


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